Lineup – 2023
Peter Hollow – Lead vox, Guitar
Peter Nixon – Bass, backing vox
Peter Allan – Drums, vocals
Nigel Bourn – Tenor Saoxphone
Geo Heathcote – Baritone Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Harmonica
Tim Frears – Vocals, Trumpet, flute, Alto & Tenor Saxophone

In 2016 Benny Brown and Nigel Bourn kicked the idea of a band around a concept of the Honey Badger, get out, tear the place up, play what you want and see if people like it. We talked Peter Nixon and Peter Allan into the idea as the rhythm section and the Badgers were born.

Photo: Original 2016 Lineup (R-L) B. Brown, N. Bourn, P. Nixon, P. Allan

We kicked around a few of Benny’s songs and did some gigs with two horns initially and dragged Geo Heathcote into the group after some shows at the legendary Groove Garden at McLaren Vale. Not long after, we discovered Tim Frears at the same venue.
The lineup settled and we played a lot of shows in the Southern Vales and went on to win two heats and become grand finalists in the Adelaide Roots and Blues Association’s Memphis Blues Challenge in 2019 and winning the Adelaide competition outright in 2022.
Peter Allan had long hiatus after some health challenges and Matt Carson stepped in and really kept the group going while Peter recovered. Matt is one of the nicest blokes in the business and we will always view him as a Badger, absolute legend.
Like everyone else in the music business we rode the pandemic wave as much as we could and we are still going. In 2021 Benny decided to step back from live music and the search was on for a new front person. Our good friend Mario Marino recommended Peter Hollow and the rest is history.

2022 saw us writing new music and winning the Adelaide Roots and Blues Association’s Memphis Blues Challenge and in 2023 we won our heats, semi final and competed in the grand final of the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN where we finished in the top six of the competition, only the second Australian band to achieve this in 38 years of that competition.

Some organisations, people and venues really supported us and played a big part in getting us this far, these include:

Katrina Allan Design – for the cover art for the Shakin’ album

Samra Teague – awesome photographer and owner of the Groove Garden
Sam Pickering – more awesome photos
The Adelaide Roots and Blues Association
South Port Surf Club
Christie’s Sailing Club
Semaphore Workers Club
Murray Delta Juke Joint
Norwood Live
Club 5082
Prospect Council
City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters

Musicians who have played in the Badgers:
Benny Brown – Lead vocals and guitar – (founder)
Matt Carson – Drums
Clarrie Duncan – Trumpet
Josh Chenoweth – Trumpet
Nathaniel Jay – Trumpet
Phil Allen – Baritone Saxophone
Paul White – Hammond (Special Guest)
Chris Finnen – Guitar and Vocals (Special Guest)
Mark Hawkins – Tenor Saxophone (Special Guest)
Dusty Cox – Tenor Saxophone (Special Guest)